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The Macbook repair dubai is one of the leaders in high-quality quick repair in Dubai we providing service for more than 10 years and having best knowledge and experience for apple products , Apple Macbook, Macbook Air, Imac near Dubai fast services, Macbook air Macbook Pro Imac Macbook near services allocate your area, Macbook repair dubai fix any problem which other technician are not able to judge, we have team and technology to repair any kind of macbook display problems vertical lines, Macbook display issues, macbook screen flickering lines, macbook air display problems horizontal lines, Won't turn on but battery charged - MacBook, Mac not turning on complete dead mac, Macbook Pro not turning on or charging motherboard issues , divisions that focuses on the repair and maintenance of laptops of all well-known manufacturers Apple's laptops have rightfully earned a reputation as the best of the best. difficult but you can trust or trust the words of our customer, see the feedback or review given by our customers. We can assure you the following things if your MacBook come to us Office Macbook Pro Repair Dubai:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Genuine Spares Parts used by us.
  • Warranty After Service.
  • Service in 24hrs
  • Pick and Delivery
  • Free Checking and Diagnosis
  • Higly Trained and Experienced

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Macbook Repair Dubai Service Center

Macbook Screen Replacement Dubai

In 2016 Apple Redesigned it 13 inch and 15 inch model by putting touchbar, butterfly keyboard, MacBook keyboard replace , unique design, space grey color and long battery life. In this model they use flex cable to connect the screen with it's logic board. After good usage of Macbook air screen these cable get break or split which cause damage on screen. Generally these problem occurs in 2016 and 2017 model of Macbook name as A1708, A1706 and A1707. The problem is related Macbook Screen Replacement Dubai to screen before customer has to replace the macbook screen but due to good technology nowadays we can repair the same screen. Well have fixed more than 1000+ flex gate problem MacBook keyboard replace Macbook air screen for our customers in Dubai and satisfied them by our service. If you have 2016 or 2017 MacBook and facing screen problem, macbook air screen is flickering,macbook screen flickering,macbook pro screen flickering just connect with us and we resolve your problem in no time Macbook repair dubai  to the excellent resolution, which is not inferior to displays of a much larger size. A laptop with a diagonal of 11 inches received a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels, and a 13-inch device - 1440 × 900 PPi, Developers have also added LED backlighting to provide high-quality color reproduction and extra brightness. Users who have already appreciated the benefits of the MacBook . WATER OR LIQUID IN THE APPLE MACBOOK? YOUR DIAGNOSIS & REPAIR SERVICE IN DUBAI! MacBook keyboard replace Has your Apple MacBook got water, coffee, or juice? WHAT TO DO? IMMEDIATE ACTION IN THE EVENT OF FLUID DAMAGE imac screen In such a situation, you have to react quickly and purposefully! Macbook air screen 1. Switch off your device immediately. 2. If possible, remove the battery or disconnect the battery connector (secure against being switched on again). 3. Wipe all visibly affected areas with an absorbent cloth. 4. Bring the device to us for a free diagnosis macbook pro screen replacement (for analysis and a cost estimate). Note: the longer you wait, the greater the damage! Over time, the logic board will corrode.MacBook keyboard replace Liquids that contain sugar and acid, such as wine and soft drinks, "eat" the electronic components on the logic board irreparably within hours! macbook pro screen replacement FOLLOW | SIDE EFFECTS OF FLUID DAMAGE • sticky keyboard • Trackpad | Touchpad "crazy" o Trackpad absorbs small amounts of moisture • No activation possible o Failure of the power supply (supply unit) o Short circuits | Defective components on the motherboard imac screen o Defective power button (is connected to the keyboard on many models!) • no more charging is possible • The Apple MacBook is slowly running on battery (battery or control of the battery blocks the device) • Macbook pro screen Backlight failure • USB, Thunderbolt, sound port does not work

The costs are based on the respective model to be exchanged. Due to the varying acquisition costs of the screens, it is not possible to provide a flat-rate indication of the costs. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO REPAIR? If in stock, it only takes a few hours to change and you will often have your device in your hands again on the same day! If the display is not available in stock, the exchange takes between 1-3 working days. In exceptional cases, if the display is not available or cannot be ordered from any source, the period can be delayed by up to 4 weeks. Should an exceptional case arise, we will inform you immediately. Reasons to replace MacBook

Setting up a webcam on a Macbook

A webcam is indispensable for people who are actively using Skype and other visual communication programs. Sometimes after buying a laptop, users find that the camera is inactive, and few people know how to activate it. For the camera to work, sometimes you need to check some settings in the OS, adjust the appropriate parameters. If you do not know anyone who could help you with this, you can go to the nearest service center, where specialists will do their best, install drivers, so that the camera can function Apple webcam Macbook Repair

Macbook Liquid Damage

We all love to drink coffee, tea, beer, wine or just water while playing games, watching movies, surfing the Internet or working at a computer. At the same time, we rarely reflect on the fact that one careless movement is enough for all this liquid to appear on an open laptop, which will very quickly fail after such “water procedures”. Also, in addition to the traditional overturning of cups or glasses, often the cause of corrosion of internal elements, short circuits, swollen batteries and other breakdowns are wet hands that are not wiped off after washing, the laptop gets wet in the rain, and the laptop stays in high humidity (in the bathroom, for example) etc. Read more

Macbook Power Jack

A laptop power connector connects the device to the power supply through a plug. A malfunction of the connector makes it impossible for the laptop to run smoothly from the network, including not charging the battery. If the connector is faulty, it is necessary to spend its repair or replacement without wasting time; the price of replacing the laptop power connector is low. Working on a laptop with a broken power supply socket will eventually lead to the failure of such serious details as a battery or even a motherboard. Read more

MacBook Touchpad Replacement

Professional replacement of the touchpad (trackpad) on an Apple MacBook laptop anywhere in Dubai. We do it efficiently and quickly. In addition, we can always send the master or courier to the address you specified to repair, replace the touchpad (trackpad), on the MacBook on the spot or deliver it to the workshop. Brand guarantee for all work and spare parts up to 12 months. The service center brings together the best specialists with experience of 10 years. Replacing the touchpad (trackpad) of the Apple MacBook in Dubai Read more

How Long does it take to Apple to fix MacBook screen?

If you take Apple product to an authorized service center to the fix the screen it may take 5 working days or more to get your MacBook Screen Fixed. Generally, People do not go to authorized service center to fix their MacBook screen as the price of screen replacement is very high as compare to open market and time taken by them to fix the screen. In open market or any third party company can fix or replace the display within an hour at very minimal cost as compare to Apple authorized service center.We

MacBook Repair Dubai
replace any screen within 30 minutes and we focus to save the time of customer and provide onsite fixing of screen at customer place

Is AppleCare Worth it?

Apple care is plan for Apple’s Product to provide extended warranty and technical support after one year of purchase. Whether you should purchase AppleCare or not for your product depends on how you use your device and how much risk you are willing to take. If you are rough user dropping and damaging your device frequently then you should for Apple care and in some country apple Care cover the loss due to theft and stolen.

Apple macbook service
worth for those people who care less about their product. In general apple care is worth for getting your apple laptop that you want to use for long more than years.

A broken MacBook Pro Touch Bar is goanna cost you ?

Touch Bar Replacement is to replace depending on the model the number. In market you will get the touch bar without Keyboard casing or with Keyboard case. Starting price of Touch bar is 450AED only if you can touch bar without keyboard case or palm rest.
In MacBook Pro 2016 features Touch bar that makes you to want upgrade your existing MacBook Pro with touch bar MacBook Pro because of the embedded Touch ID sensor, it is first time apple has launched finger print sensor like iPhones. Even you do manage to invest insane amount of money to feel the glow of new touch ID feature there is something you should consider.
As all we knew that something spills coffee or drink on laptop while working, but if we did with this MacBook Pro, I am sure it will the very costly coffee or drink you ever had.
If you go the apple authorized store for the replacement of Touch bar, they will replace whole keyboard + C part (keyboard case), Touch bar and Battery. Battery because it is stick with Keyboard case so to save the time apple replace whole bunch of things. If you any physical damage with your Touch bar we suggest to go for third part companies to save your time and money.

MacBook Pro Screen Replacement Dubai

How much does it cost to fix the macbook pro screen in dubai ?

Cost of MacBook Pro Screen replacement varies from model to model MacBook Pro Air 13,A1932 MacBook Pro Air 13,A1990 MacBook Pro 15,A1466 MacBook Pro Air 13,A1708,A1706 MacBook Pro 13,>A1707 MacBook Pro 15,A1534 MacBook Pro 12,A1465 MacBook Pro Air 11,A1502 MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Pro 13,A1425 MacBook Pro 13,A1278 MacBook Pro 13,A1286 MacBook Pro 15,Apple MacBook Pro (MYD82HN/A) ,MacBook Air - Space Grey,macbook pro A1278 13 inch,MacBook Air - Silver,2020 Apple MacBook Pro (13.3-inch/33.78 cm, MacBook Pro 16″ 1TB SSD,MacBook Pro 16″ 1TB SSD i9,14-inch MacBook Pro - Silver,Apple Macbook Pro MD101HN Core i5 8GB,Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN/A Ultrabook (13.3 Inch) depends on year of MacBook Pro if you have latest Retina Display cost of display would be on higher side but is you are using old MacBook then cost would be less. Starting price of MacBook Pro Screen is 600AED for A1278 model.

MacBook Pro Repair at cheap price

We are replacing display for all model whether is 12-inch MacBook A1534, 13-inch A1708/A1706 or 15-inch model A1707/A1990. Price list is given below.

A1932 MacBook Pro Air 13″ Screen Full Panel -                                  AED1580

A1989 MacBook Pro 13″ Screen Full Panel 2018  Year                     AED1700

A1990 MacBook Pro 15″ Screen Full Panel 2018  Year                       AED2450

A1466 MacBook Pro Air 13″ Screen Full Panel 2017   Year                   AED950

A1708 MacBook Pro 13″ Screen Full Panel 2016/2017 Year             AED1400

A1706 MacBook Pro 13″ Screen Full Panel 2016/2017 Year             AED1400

A1707 MacBook Pro 15″ Screen Full Panel 2016/2017 Year             AED2400

A1534 MacBook Pro 12″ Screen Full Panel 2015 Year                AED 1650

A1465 MacBook Pro Air 11″ Display Full Panel 2015 Year   AED 1100

A1502 MacBook Pro 13″ Screen Full Panel 2014/2015       1hour    2350

A1398 MacBook Pro 15″ Display Full Panel 2014/ 2015      1hour    2450

A1425 MacBook Pro 13″ Display Full Panel 2012   Year      AED850

A1278 MacBook Pro 13″ Display Full Panel 2012 Year AED 600

A1286 MacBook Pro 15″ Display Full Panel 2012  1hour    AED 650

Apple MacBook Pro (MYD82HN/A) screen replacement

MacBook Air - Space Grey screen replacement

macbook pro A1278 13 inch screen replacement

2020 Apple MacBook Pro (13.3-inch/33.78 cm screen replacement

MacBook Pro 16″ 1TB SSD screen replacement

14-inch MacBook Pro - Silver screen replacement

Apple Macbook Pro MD101HN Core i5 8GB screen replacement

Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN/A Ultrabook (13.3 Inch) screen replacement

We are using 100% genuine part with 45 minutes for fixing time for any model mentioned above, our screen coming minimum 3 months’ warranty but you won’t face any problem until or unless no physical damage or water damage.

Apple MacBook repair service

Are you struggling with your Apple MacBook? Having difficulties using your MacBook Pro just relax and call us. Apple MacBook is a reliable name famous all over the world, macbook battery replacement macbook battery replacement but it is an electronic device not immune to glitches and problems just like other electrical devices.
In a city like Dubai where time is money, people do not want to waste their seconds searching for a technician. For them we are here to repair their Apple MacBook quick and working around the clock. We restore the dead MacBook Pro; our experts would repair any hardware or software problems related to MacBook immediately.
For any issue related to your Apple MacBook just search MacBook repair or MacBook repair near me and call us. You just focus on your work and leave the repair work to our experts. We are always available Macbook repair's Dubai near service - bur Dubai, Sharjah, deira, Jumeira, sheik Zayed many areas in Dubai working to solve customer problems anytime.

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Breakdown prevention

In our company, you can order laptop repair, regardless of configurations and causes of malfunctions. But for the laptop to last longer and not require repair, it is better to prevent the occurrence of such breakdowns. Let us consider what the causes of the occurrence of malfunctions are and how they can be avoided.


Most often, keyboards suffer from dropping keys, knocks, and spills. To avoid this, separate the space of the laptop and mugs with drinks. Be careful while working on the laptop, so as not to drop something involuntarily on the keys.


One of the popular problems is that the battery ceases to hold a charge over time. This is usually because the charger is regularly connected, which spoils the battery. To avoid this, do not forget to turn off the charger.

Broken loops

Cracks in the hinges may appear due to a sloppy opening of the laptop. To avoid this, hold the base of the device while opening the top cover.


Over time, some ports break or wear out, which can damage the components of the equipment. To avoid damage, use special USB port extenders.

Case and Screen

Damage to the case and matrix - the consequences of the fall and shock of the laptop. To avoid such unpleasant breakdowns, transport the equipment only in special bags for transporting laptops and do not keep it unstable during operation.

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