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Replacing the screen on a MacBook Pro A2780 can be a delicate task that requires precision and the right tools.

If you're in Dubai and need a screen replacement for your MacBook Pro A2780, here are a few key points and steps to consider:


Finding a Reliable Service Center

MacBook Repair Dubai: Provides a wide range of tech repair services.

Cost Considerations

Genuine Parts: Using original Apple parts can be more expensive but ensures quality and longevity.

Aftermarket Parts: These can be cheaper but may not offer the same quality.

Steps for Screen Replacement (DIY Approach)

Note: DIY repairs can void your warranty and are not recommended unless you are experienced with electronics.

Here is a video How to Replace a MacBook A2780 Screen in Dubai:

Tools Needed:

Pentalobe screwdriver (P5)

Torx screwdriver (T3)

Plastic opening tools

Suction handle


Power Down and Unplug: Ensure the MacBook is powered off and unplugged.

Remove the Bottom Case: Use the P5 pentalobe screwdriver to remove screws and open the bottom case.

Disconnect the Battery: To avoid any electrical issues, disconnect the battery.

Remove the Screen Assembly: Use the T3 screwdriver to remove screws securing the screen hinges.

Install New Screen: Carefully place the new screen, reconnect all cables, and secure it with screws.

Reassemble: Reconnect the battery and close the bottom case.

Tips for Success

Backup Your Data: Always back up your data before any repair.

Handle Components with Care: Internal components are delicate and can be damaged easily.

Consult Tutorials: Look up detailed guides or videos specific to the MacBook Pro A2780 model.

Warranty and Aftercare

Check Warranty Status: If your MacBook is still under warranty, use an authorized service center to avoid voiding it.

Aftercare: Once replaced, handle your MacBook carefully to prevent future damage. Consider using a protective case or screen guard.


In Dubai, you have several options for MacBook Pro A2780 screen replacement,

from authorized Apple service centers to reputable third-party repair shops. Weigh the pros and cons of each,

and if you're considering a DIY approach, ensure you have the right tools and follow a reliable guide.

Remember, professional services might cost more but ensure the job is done correctly and safely.


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