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Replacing your MacBook Air, Pro keyboard, and other Apple laptop models
Apple developers managed to create a mobile device that quickly gained popularity around the world. Ultra-thin, compact and at the same time powerful MacBook pleases with its design and ability to work without recharging up to 10 hours. Of particular note is the full-sized gadget keyboard. Its architecture was completely revised, the buttons turned out to be thinner and began to respond more accurately to pressing. This effect was achieved thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies and more ergonomic design of the keys.

Price and terms of replacement (repair) of the MacBook Air, Pro keyboard
If all or only some of the MacBook keys do not respond to pressing, contact our Macbook Repair Dubai service center. We will conduct free diagnostics, identify the cause of the malfunction, and repair the MacBook Air, Pro keyboard, or any other Apple laptop model. Qualified specialists with extensive experience will quickly restore the performance of your gadget. Typically, cleaning or replacing a MacBook keyboard takes less than half an hour. Contact one of our branches and find out how much it costs to repair a MacBook keyboard in Dubai. Thanks to our partners - the iChat online store, we always have all the spare parts for Apple equipment in stock. Our customers can count on a high-quality MacBook keyboard repair at a price that is significantly lower than the market average. We provide a guarantee for the
whole range of services.

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Causes of MacBook Air, Pro, and other keyboard malfunctions

The most common cause of a broken MacBook keyboard is moisture under the chassis. Users often drink tea, coffee, other drinks with their laptops and sometimes inadvertently spill them on the device. As a result of liquid getting under the keys, the contact paths of the keyboard are shorted or oxidized (depending on the contents of the cup) and they cease to function normally. Depending on the symptoms of a malfunction, there are two ways to resolve this problem. If all or part of the buttons does not work at all, a complete MacBook keyboard replacement is required. In some models, you can limit yourself to replacing keys, in others, the top part (top case) changes completely. If the user reacted on time and the liquid did not have time to harm the contact paths, repairing the MacBook keyboard will consist of cleaning it.

Replacing a MacBook Keyboard at an Macbook Repair Dubai Service Center Immediately after the laptop arrives at our service center, specialists conduct inspection and diagnostics. After the wizard is convinced of the need to replace the MacBook keyboard, it will proceed with the repair. First, the device is disassembled, the top case is removed and the keyboard is removed. Next, the backlight is attached to the new spare part and the laptop is going. Do not try to repair your MacBook yourself; this requires the appropriate qualifications and tools. Despite its apparent simplicity, replacing a MacBook Air, Pro keyboard, or any other laptop model requires certain skills. One awkward movement can aggravate the problem and, as a result, increase the cost of repairs. Better use the services of the service center "Macbook Repair Dubai", our masters will replace the MacBook keyboard at the best price in Dubai. A network of our service centers where you can replace the keyboard on a MacBook Air, Pro in Dubai.