Macbook Trackpad Repair/Replacement

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Mac Book Repair Service in Dubai UAE

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Replacing the touchpad (trackpad)

* the price is all inclusive: spare parts, work and warranty

Professional replacement of the touchpad (trackpad) on an Apple MacBook laptop anywhere in Dubai. We do it efficiently and quickly. In addition, we can always send the master or courier to the address you specified to repair, replace the touchpad (trackpad), on the MacBook on the spot or deliver it to the workshop. Brand guarantee for all work and spare parts up to 12 months. The service center brings together the best specialists with experience of 10 years. 

Replacing the touchpad (trackpad) of the Apple MacBook in Dubai :

MacBook Touchpad Replacement

- The Macbook Repair Dubai service is an ambulance for owners of Apple technology. The company is engaged in urgent repair of any Apple equipment and accessories:

- Glass replacement for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac

- Unlock technology with Jailbreak.

- Replacing the touchpad on a MacBook of all generations.

- Repair is made in Dubai and the region. Used components from authorized distributors.

Replacements of all parts, from the case to the RAM. Hardware, component and software repair services are provided.

Replacing Touchpad on Apple MacBook
Without a touchpad, the functionality of the machine is noticeably worse. Such problems are fixed quickly: we will pick up your computer an hour after the request. The courier will bring it back after cleaning and diagnostics, which we will carry out as a gift!