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About the Service Center

With all its advantages, modern mobile devices remain a rather delicate and fragile technique that requires a careful attitude. An accidental fall from the table or a carelessly spilled cup of coffee can completely damage any gadget. If you have experienced such a nuisance, do not despair. Contact your (Macbook Repair Dubai) service center for help! 

• 10 years of experience 

10 years of experience in the field of repair and maintenance of MacBook iMacs laptops, certified craftsmen, official partners of leading manufacturers. 

• Service Center Network 

A network of service centers throughout Dubai to repair your equipment even faster! 

• Free diagnostics 

Free diagnostics, urgent repairs, all spare parts in stock, courier delivery of the repaired device - we do everything to solve your problem 100%. 

• Warranty

 Warranty on all equipment that we have repaired! 

We provide comprehensive services for servicing, laptops, MacBook iMac and other devices. Repair, firmware upgrade, tuning, and modernization are far from a complete list of services of the (Macbook Repair Dubai) service center. High-quality components, professional equipment and high qualifications of our specialists allow us to perform the most complex work in an extremely short time. The best evidence of the high level of our service is the availability of 27 certificates and feedback from grateful customers. Each branch of our network conducts at least 20 consultations a day and carries out more than 15 repairs. 

Whatever model your gadget is, feel free to contact the (Macbook Repair Dubai) service center. Our specialists have a successful experience in electronics of more than 150 brands. You can come to us or call the master at home or in the office., we will conduct an online free diagnosis of your device and inform you about the cost and terms of repair. Diagnostics will take no more than half an hour, if you wish, you can personally observe the work of the master. 

Important! I would like to draw your attention to the fact that recently in shopping centers there have been many outlets providing services for the repair of mobile equipment. Unlike specialized service centers, turning to such workshops does not wait for you except for the loss of time and money. As a rule, the maximum that “specialists” of such services can do on their own is to glue the protective glass or replace the battery. They order more complex types of repairs, such as soldering microcircuits, restoring the motherboard, or replacing the sensor controller in specialized SCs, acting as an intermediary (not free, of course). Turning to such masters, you will spend time and overpay for repairs. At the same time, no one will give certain guarantees either for the work performed or for spare parts. 

Quite often, mobile devices break at the most inopportune moment and require urgent repairs. Professional equipment, the availability of all necessary components and the qualifications of the masters of the (Macbook Repair Dubai) service center will make it possible to identify and eliminate the malfunction as soon as possible. Replacing a broken display, a deformed case, a damaged cable, etc., is carried out within an hour. Complex repairs requiring more time are agreed individually. 

The client can personally observe the work of the master and pick up his gadget immediately after the repair. If you decide not to be present during the repair, after fixing the breakdown, our manager will contact you and you will be able to arrive on your own or order courier delivery of the repaired device. We vouch for the quality of the services provided and for all work performed we give a guarantee of 30 days.

Contact the Macbook Repair Dubai service center - we will help you!