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Repair of USB connectors of a laptop

A USB connector is an interface for connecting additional peripheral equipment to a computer, allowing you to expand its capabilities. It is even more offensive when the laptop's USB ports do 

not work. The causes of the malfunction can be of two types:

- mechanical damage from physical wear, fall, shock, the use of a deformed USB plug;

- contact oxidation and short circuit.

The failure of the USB port is manifested in the absence of communication between the laptop and the connected peripheral device periodically or continuously.
If the USB connector burns out due to a short circuit, damage can affect more complex devices - the southbridge, video card, and the motherboard power supply. The cost of repairing & replace the USB ports & USB C types of a laptop depends on the cause of the malfunction detected by testing using special diagnostic equipment.

Where to replace the connector?
Our service center repairs MacBook iMac MacBook air MacBook pro mac mini. Experienced professionals will fix USB connector on a MacBook in Minsk quickly and cost-effectively. To change the USB port, the master will need to first disassemble the case, separate the motherboard and, using special miniature tools kits , perform repairs.

In addition to USB-ports, in the our service center  you can replace other ports:

HDMI port  for connecting an external video device;
LAN-port wire Internet connection;
USB C Tyaps
Power jack 
USB 3.0 
USB 4.0 

After the repair is completed, a check is made for the functionality of the connector and a guarantee is given for operation. The competence of employees, an individual approach, the speed of work and the affordable price of replacing USB connectors on a laptop are the main reasons why you should contact us.