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Water Damage MacBook Repair in Dubai
If water or any other substance got onto your Apple laptop you might need an urgent cleaning or repair! First of all, you

need to unplug your laptop and disconnect its battery, after that you definitely should contact us.

The biggest danger after a liquid spill is a short circuit, combustion of elements on the motherboard, followed by corrosion, rotting, and destruction of connections and whole regions of the printed circuit board.

The quicker you come to our service center, the more chances you’ve got for your MacBook to be recovered without complicated and expensive repair.

The most dangerous cases are spilling your MacBook with alcohol, sweetened beverages like tea or coffee, lemonade, and juice.

If you don’t plug out your laptop and disconnect its battery in time, with the help of current these liquids will behave extremely aggressively and will literally destroy your motherboard,

SSD, connectors, and contacts. In cases where you are not able to disconnect your battery on your own (for instance you need special equipment to do so),

you are very welcome to call us any time, because we always have someone on duty in the office who can help you out.