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Repair MacBook Pro Retina with 13 ”and 15”  In 2012, Apple updated the MacBook Pro line to equip laptops with a Retina display with high pixel density and excellent color. Many people liked this radical screen change, but over time, users ran into problems. On some MacBook Pros, the display fades, displays artifacts, or even peels off the anti-reflective coating. Also, laptop owners complain of a sharp deterioration in autonomy. If you have such or any other problem, contact the Macbook Repair Dubai service center.

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MacBook Pro Retina  models that are being repaired by Macbook Repair Dubai. Since 2012, Apple has released several updated MacBook Pro series with a 13 ”and 15” Retina display. The masters of our service carry out any type of MacBook repair of such models:

A1425 13 ʺ (2012, 2013)
A1398 15 ʺ (2012, 2013)
A1502 13 ʺ (2013, 2014, 2015)
A1398 15 ʺ (2013, 2014, 2015)
A1706 13 ʺ (2016, 2017)
A1707 15 ʺ (2016, 2017)
A1708 13 ʺ (2016, 2017)

Typical MacBook Pro Retina Troubleshooting by the Service Center Wizard MacBook Pro is a powerful and light laptop with good autonomy but poorly protected from
external influences.

What problems do we fix with a MacBook:

Screen issues

The matrix of your MacBook may be damaged as a result of flooding, shock or fall (scratches on the anti-reflective coating, cracks, chips). Unfortunately, the Retina display cannot be repaired; it can only be replaced. The wizards of the  MacBook Repair Dubai service will quickly replace the damaged matrix with an original new or high-quality copy (of your choice).

Eating problems
If your MacBook Pro takes a long time to charge, does not hold well or does not charge at all, it means that there are problems with the batteries - the controller, battery or power supply (charging). In the service center " MacBook Repair Dubai" diagnose the problem for free using high-precision electronics and quickly fix the problem.

Keyboard issues
Function keys may sink, stick, or not even be pressed on your laptop. Often this is due to the ingress of dirt, liquid, or mechanical damage. The  MacBook Repair Dubai wizards diagnose the malfunction and either repair the keyboard or completely replace it.

The device is responsible for transmitting the signal from the video clip of your laptop to the screen matrix. The loop can be damaged for various reasons: if the MacBook was squeezed, it was opened too wide, water or other liquid was spilled on it. Our craftsmen will professionally remove the broken device and install a new loop on your MacBook.

Other malfunctions
Our service center will fix any problem in the MacBook Pro- a broken motherboard, an inoperative touchpad (trackpad), SSD, a burned-out processor or video card, etc.
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Repair Apple MacBook Pro Retina in Dubai Order repair of your MacBook at the MacBook Repair Dubai Service Center We offer free diagnostics of your laptop, prompt repair and a guarantee of 30 days for work performed. Our branches are located at Macbook Repair Dubai. If you are not comfortable getting to us, use courier delivery. For more information, contact us or leave a request for a callback.