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Mac Book Repair Service in Dubai UAE

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MacBook keyboard repair

MacBook keyboard repair - cleaning | engraving | replacement

If you have landed on this page, then you probably have a problem with your MacBook keyboard. Possible symptoms:

  • the laptop does not respond to pressing any specific keys (possibly all)
  • crunch/crackle/squelching of liquid and other bacchanalia when pressing the keys

Causes of keyboard failure

  • Mechanical failure of buttons and their fasteners
  • Contact with liquids (water, wine, Pepsi, etc.)
  • Failure of the elements of the motherboard responsible for the operation of the keyboard

Keyboard repair or replacement?

  • If the problem is related to individual keys and is easy enough to fix, then an inexpensive repair is worth it.
  • If any liquid gets into the keyboard, we recommend a slightly more expensive replacement of the keyboard unit.

Case statistics

99% replacement | 1% repair

The cost and terms of repairing a keyboard on a MacBook

  • The cost of repair/replacement of the keyboard is Depending Model 
  • In most cases, repairs are carried out in the presence of the client within an hour.

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