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Often we spill liquid on our Macbook such as juice, beer, alcohol, milk, tea, or coffee while working on it. We have seen many cases of liquid damage in our service center, many people say that it is the most costly drink that they ever had in their life after repairing their macbook.
Generally, Liquid damage the motherboard of your macbook and laptop get turned off, liquid has some particles in it which affect the flow of current from capacitor to another or from one chip/IC to another. Due to which laptop gets off and then doesn't turn on.
What do you have to do?
The first thing is to remove the charger from the MacBook and take it to the macbook repairing center.
Do things get damaged by Liquid?
Any component can get damaged by the water/liquid spill on the macbook but generally following spares get damage
Keyboard - The first thing that gets affected is the keyboard as water always spills on the keyboard first and after that some keys stop working and replacement of the keyboard is required.
MacBook Screen  - The screen of the MacBook also gets damaged by the water, sometimes some small patches on the screen occur due to water and in this case sometimes water evaporates but if not then need to replace the screen.
Speaker -  Speakers are next to the keyboard, due to liquid/water it damages the macbook as well.
Motherboard - Most of the time when water spill on the macbook and it gets off reason behind this is not limit to anything, water can affect any part, chip, IC or capacitor of the motherboard, if macbook is not turning then it is better to get it to repair as soon as possible otherwise water gets dry on the motherboard and make it worse.

Cost of Repairing Liquid Damage MacBook?
Cost fully Depends on the model number of your macbook and the Issue related to it, if it is a 2010 or older model then the cost can be up to 450-550AED but if it is the latest Touch Bar & Retina Display cost may come on the higher end.

For any problem related to your Apple Macbook just call us and get it to check for free.
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