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Why won't my MacBook turn on?

Apple laptops are renowned for their reliability and stable performance, but we must admit that problems happen to them, although usually through the fault of the owners themselves. Therefore, every day, dozens or even hundreds of users are searching the Internet for an answer to the question: why did the MacBook stop turning on? If you are faced with a similar problem, then this article is for you! We will try to describe in detail the reasons due to which your laptop has stopped showing signs of life. And, of course, we will give practical advice on how to avoid such a situation, or to carry out repairs if it does happen! from Sign up for a repair  

 If one day your MacBook stops responding to pressing the power button - do not panic, because every problem has a reason, our task is to figure it out. At the very beginning, to avoid confusion, let's define the terms. So, the laptop “does not turn on” and the laptop “does not boot” - these are essentially different concepts! In this article, we are considering a classic case when you try to turn on your MacBook, nothing happens, that is, the laptop does not make any sounds, the image does not appear, the indicator lights do not light up. In future publications on the Apple Pro website, we will also touch upon another malfunction option, when the laptop turns on but refuses to load the operating system. In the meantime, let's list the main reasons that prevent the laptop from turning on.

 MacBook Power Circuit Malfunction This is perhaps the main reason for the "dead" MacBook! If the laptop does not show signs of life, then the system simply does not receive power. A number of factors can serve this: a faulty charger, a problem battery, a burnt power circuit, or a damaged motherboard. First of all, make sure your MagSafe charger is working properly and inspect the cable and connector for damage. It is important to remember that Apple appliances are very sensitive to counterfeits, so it is recommended to use only original accessories.

A highly depleted, or non-original rechargeable battery can also backfire. For example, quite often there are cases when the battery goes into "protection", that is, blocking of its operation. Voltage drops in the network, the use of low-quality adapters" - also lead to the burning of conductive tracks on the boards, failure of the Power Board, etc.

Filling MacBook with liquid and mechanical damage

If your MagSafe charger is working properly, and the battery is in good technical condition, then the reason for the failure of the MacBook may be a mechanical failure or the consequences of liquid entering the system. In the case of falling, impact, deformation of the laptop case, damage to internal elements, especially the motherboard, is likely. These can be cracks or peeling of the elements responsible for power.

Along with this, the ingress of water or other liquid inside the MacBook may lead to a short circuit and other damage. And even if the problem does not appear immediately, corrosion begins, which after a few days, weeks, or possibly months leads to the destruction of printed circuit boards, contacts, power circuits. In addition, on some MacBook models, the power button is connected through the keyboard, so the failure of the keyboard leads to the inability to turn on the laptop itself.

 We talked about the most common causes of the malfunction, but we draw your attention to the fact that an accurate diagnosis can be made only after a professional examination! Therefore, we invite you to a free diagnosis in our Apple MacBook repair service in Dubai, to accurately identify the problem and fast, high-quality repair! Please note that our engineers are engaged not only in the modular replacement of damaged parts but also in professional component repair! We are waiting for your requests today!