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Repair Mac Mini
The updated miniature Mac mini workstation, introduced by Apple in 2017 in three versions, differs from its predecessors in its advanced filling and huge capabilities.
The new model of a portable mini-system unit, weighing only 1.2 kg, is equipped with a fourth-generation Intel Core processor (1.4 GHz, 2.6 GHz or 2.8 GHz), a capacious hard drive (500 GB, 1 TB) and an advanced a graphics processor, the productivity of which the developers increased to 90% (compared with the previous generation model). In addition, the novelty received an increased number of connectors, as well as support for Thunderbolt 2 technology and next-generation Wi-Fi. However, despite the legendary quality, economical and compact Mac mini, from the Macintosh family, is not immune from unforeseen breakdowns and repairs.

Failures of Mac mini, the repair of which is better to entrust to the specialists of the service center "Macbook Repair Dubai "

It is important to understand that the repair of such a complex and high-tech device as the Mac mini is a process that requires attention, accuracy and a professional approach. That is why only a specialist who knows all the details and features of Apple workstations can be trusted to analyze and replace faulty parts. If you give your
expensive system unit to an incompetent person or try to repair it yourself, the consequences will be quite expensive. It is better to immediately contact the professionals in the service center "Macbook Repair Dubai ", who will quickly fix any malfunction with a guarantee.

Leave a request for repair
Below you can learn more about the problems of Mac mini, because of which the owners of the workstation most often contact the SC:

Mac mini not loading
There are a lot of reasons why a breakdown can occur - mechanical damage, software failure, and others. However, as practice shows, most often the workstation does not boot due to problems with the hard disk (HDD). In order to accurately find out why the Mac mini does not turn on, complex diagnostics are needed.

Replacing HDD to SDD
Noticed that the speed of your device is clearly not enough for your needs? There is no need to immediately “put an end” to your workstation and change it completely, because a small upgrade may well increase its speed by several times. Contact our service center and Macbook Repair Dubai  specialists will replace the Mac mini hard drive - install a larger HDD or replace the HDD with an SSD at an affordable price.

Mac mini repair after contact with liquid

If you accidentally knock over a cup of coffee, tea or water onto a portable system mini-unit, quickly turn it off and bring it to a service center as soon as possible. Our craftsmen will quickly disassemble and dry the Mac mini, and also, if necessary, replace or repair damaged parts. After the work is completed, the device will be diagnosed and will be given a warranty card.

Other breakdowns
Our service center also performs other types of hardware and software repair of Mac mini workstations. Here you can order replacement of the processor, RAM, cooler of the cooling system, as well as the elimination of problems with overheating, freezing and others.

Urgent repair of Mac mini in Dubai
Need a professional repair workstation Mac mini with a guarantee on the work done? Contact our service center. Macbook Repair Dubai wizards will diagnose the device for free and quickly fix any breakdowns at a reasonable price. We are waiting for you in the branches of our network, which are within walking distance of the Dubai metro ( see on the map ). You can find out details by phone or request a call back.